With Love


What is done in love, is done well.

 -Vincent Van Gogh

I'm trying this new thing; it's seems to be super annoying to others. Hear me out...

I have always been one to consider things from every which angle imaginable. I read somewhere that when you do something in love,  whatever act you are doing, let the love of the person you are doing it for, consume you. Sounds hokey, for sure. I hear you already. 

Well, since I really hated everything the last few months, I thought I'd give it a go at the things I really despise. More to try and debunk this internet bullshit quote I found somewhere.

So I'm trying really hard to do all the things I hate doing (cleaning toilets, folding laundry, you know, normal house stuff) with a heart full for my family as I do them. And when I say full, I think of all the great things about doing this chore brings me, my family, our house etc. 

At first, I still kind of swore while spraying piss away around the toilet, like how do they get it everywhere?

But over the last couple months practicing this grateful attitude everywhere, I can honestly say I don't loathe the things like I used to.

Further, things like dinner I didn't want to make, or usually rush together because we're late home from karate or something. These dinners, they taste better. For real. When I'm focusing on how much I love my family when prepping the ingredients, cooking them down or plating, I swear the end result is so much better than originally intended.

So far I've noticed this the most with food, I'll let you know how happy I am to clean up human excrement the minute it happens-but until then, I'll settle with legit love-made meals. 

Try it, I dare you!