I'd rather be reading...


Books are a uniquely portable magic.

-Stephen King

Reading was going to be my 'work' for the next three months (backstory: here).

I love reading and had set a goal for myself upon 2017 to read 52 books this year. As of June 1st I was only at six. And I had a plan, you guys. I had a flippin' plan. Along with keeping up the regular household chores and trying to keep my kids happy, I decided I was going to play catch up on my reading.

I read all kinds of books. I love anything by Douglas Coupland. A motivational memoir and even trashy celebrity attempts at writing, it all counts as far as I'm concerned, as you need a healthy balance of information and entertainment.

So like any other middle-aged Mum this century, I got busy pinning the top summer book lists and took to my deck chair-with ample sun coverage and SPF (I may be a thieving pirate but I'm not a total monster).

This week I'm averaging a book every two days and it feels pretty good. They are average 300 page novels, autobiographies, self-help or classic's I've ready many times over, but I can't help but feel like I have to keep going at this rate. I can't explain it to not sound crazy, so I don't think I'll try.

All I know is that I'm running out of books and need to feed the beast.

So that leaves me with you. I know you must think I'm a nutbar. But, even judgemental blog readers have an opinion on real works of literature, right? What are you reading? What couldn't you put down? What changed you to your core and left you with a worn out copy always within arms reach?

I want to know. Hit me up in the comments below. 

Here are a few of the titles I've read recently that I'd totally recommend, I'm not going to link them because I know you can copy/paste. [Cheers] You can do it!

  • Generation A -Douglas Coupland
  • The Worst Person Ever -Douglas Coupland
  • The Bubblegum Thief -Douglas Coupland
  • The Girls in the Garden -Lisa Jewell
  • An Uncomplicated Kindness -Miriam Toews
  • The Happiness of Pursuit -Chris Guillbeau
  • The People of the Book -Geraldine Brooks
  • In a Dark, Dark Wood -Ruth Ware
  • The Great Gatsby* -F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Everything is Perfect when you are a Liar -Kelly Oxford