Goodbyes are Never Easy

This Gem.

Friends come and go like the ocean...but the true ones stick, like an octopus to your face.


I'm not one for goodbyes, never have been. So instead of feeding my sadness I'm going to share with you all a story of why I love this human so much...

Years ago when travelling Europe with this beautiful creature we used to joke about what our 'roles' to each other were while travelling. She was obviously 'the man' ordering for me in foreign languages, making the 'tough' decisions (seriously didn't plan the pun @tash_tough) and I would navigate and act as her trophy wife in each new city we'd visit. Boy we'd roar at the situations we'd find ourselves in. One time in particular I remember her reasoning with me that no, I didn't really need a third Nutella and banana crepe for the day, (please note this woman has chocolate running through her veins) and after a month of gelato twice a day, I should maybe tap 'er cool (guys, she was being kind, I was the biggest I have ever been in my LIFE then, even when full term pregnant. Girl had a point). It was one of those 'are you sure you wanna?' looks that reminds you just how much weight you've put on eating your girth in pastries across Europe. It was bloody priceless, and we BOTH bought a crepe anyways. 

Now THATS a bestie.

Here, many moons later and she's still my bestest protector, friend and soul sister. I'm so happy to have had so much time with her littles but it never feels like enough. Never ever. Just look at this picture, we're like god damn @beyonce with all the symbolism in this shot. She's still my man. They just don't make them like this anymore. And I wouldn't want them to either. 💖 Until the next adventure...I love you!! #canada #australia #longdistancebestie