Love, Littles & Tech

If there is only one great thing running Project K for the last 8 years (whaaaa?) has given me, it's the opportunity to digitize my kids. Say what? Hear me out. 

I'm not talking about whoring my kids out all over my social media feed, although I do share pictures of them often, but rarely do the savages of Facebook get to read about the funny things they said or did in our day to day life. I try and save the really good stuff just for them.

A couple years back I read something, somewhere, about digitizing your families memories through email. Although I didn't understand the entire concept at first, I started sending everything to my email, just incase Maci the Mac crashes or my iCloud account defunks somehow. 

After a couple months, I really saw the value of this practice and set up three separate email accounts for all my kids. They are all hosted under my domain which gives me accountability of hosting this site forever more (sorry internet, you're not getting rid of me) and keeps me on track of recording all the things. ALL the things.

Here's how it works. When anyone of them says something funny, I email it to them. Great pictures from my phone get sent to their personal email, basically anything I would record in a baby book or photo album (man I'm bad at putting those together, sorry guys). The kids don't know I am compiling all this info (blackmail?) and when they are old enough I plan to give them the password and let them dive into an online universe dedicated solely to them. 

So entries are short, some get cc'd to each of them and some are more for me to remember than for them, so of course I send it to myself as well. 

Although its not handwritten books filled with memories, I think the sentiment is still there and I rest easy knowing that I control the preservation of all these great memories. No fire, flood or simple misplacement can loose the awesome memories. If you've got kids, I urge you to give it a go! You don't need your own website, just set your kids up with their own free gmail or yahoo account and send away. 

I swear you'll feel less like a busy, overstimulated, non-pinterest-worthy mom after the first email sends out. After all, we can't all be Martha's, but we can cc our kids on the silly shit that comes out their mouths. And THAT's what really counts.