July has all been about simplifying for me. I read a really great book this month that shared information about habit formation and how to be the best version of yourself. It was a great read and had me re-evaluating all kinds of things in my life. Taking on new habits and scheduling them in are two different stories, so when I set out to stream-line my social media accounts even more, I knew I'd have to invest some time upfront to get things running smoothly.

I love Instagram just as much as the next Millennial, but found I wasn't putting in enough time there to really utilize it to the best potential for my life and business. I have an account for me, and then a feeder WestCoastGlutenFree account that shares more information etc about living a GFREE life. This helps me grab attention from strangers in the gluten free world without twisting up my personal feed too much. Sure I'll post there a great recipe or whateves, but the other account is strictly for growing. 

Setting goals, measuring results and implementing new changes is the name of the game in business and I love applying the same strategies to growing my Insta following, or any social media account for that matter. I knew from a handy app that I was spending too much time babysitting my social media accounts (even when using hootsuite to schedule and send my content) but goals are goals, amiright?

I took my Hootsuite dashboard into overdrive and started using the hashtag search function within my scheduled feeds so when I would review whats lined up for the day, I'm also seeing brand new content to engage in and comment as I wish. Doing all my scheduling AND engagement now within the same platform has saved me sooo much time, not to mention allowed me to discover amazing new Insta profiles.

Now I can Insta even harder. #geek

How do you use Instagram? Are you a sneaky follower, never liking or posting but always checking in on others? Or are you an all-in user, making the best of stories, boomerang and the whole shebang? Share your favourite Insta hacks below!