Chocolate Chip Cookies + Coffee = Bliss

To all the un-eaten chip cookies I turned down when I was a kid...

I'm sorry. It wasn't you. It was me.

I'd be remiss if I didn't first tell you I wasn't always a fan of either chocolate chip cookies or coffee. It took time. And I'm not talking about the kind of time where POOF! All of a sudden one day this babe woke up and decided to give both a go. No. It was years. YEARS for both.

Don't even get me started on Rice Krispee Squares, those were banned from my pie-hole until I was at least double digits. But back to these two beauties. 

The cookies came first. But not until I was around 14. A friend at the school lunch table offered me a bite of her Costco double chocolate chunk cookie, and that was all it took. The cat was outta the bag that I not only didn't (think) I liked cholocate chip cookies, but THAT I HADN'T EVER TRIED ONE. You can see where this high school peer-pressure situation lead. And that was the day I literally ate all my words in cookies.

Coffee and I were acquainted later in life. Like most Uni students, I had a job at a coffee shop to offset the odd class schedual and could make anything a customer desired. But did I partake? Um, no thankyouverymuch, I did not. I can just hear a previous version of myself spouting out a Cher-like line about wanting to be tall like Cindy Crawford. Well, jokes on me. I'm a whopping 5'5" which I embellish to 5'6" whenever I get the chance. 

Coffee and I just didn't see eye to eye. What did that bitter bean have compared to the delicate tea leaves I had come to obsesses over. Sure I'd have the obligatory Pumpkin Spice Latte or Peppermint Mocha around the holidays, and yes they were delish but I knew they were so sooo bad for me in the sugar department.

Fast forward to Christmas 2016. I was being my usual spoilt brat-self and declared to my husband that I must have an espresso machine under the tree come Christmas morning. He laughed at me for wanting one-get this guys-JUST FOR THE STEAMER. That's right. I wanted to option to brew a shot of espresso for guests but would be taking my chai tea latte's with real steamed foam from Dec 25th on.

I don't think I even made it to turkey dinner on Christmas night without whipping up the most delicious latte I have ever made in my life. 

So now here we sit, two of my favourite things that did NOT start out that way in the beginning for me. I am super thankful, in all honesty, for these two little treats and not for the obvious insulin-spike and caffeine hit, but more for the simple joys of being a little bit more normal. 

Settle down. That's a whole other post but for now lets just say I'm happy to have some sort of universal favourite snack item, that doesn't leave me standing out of the crowd. Life ain't always easy being #gfree. Take the little wins.