A little ray of sunshine

To Jenn

kind heart. fierce mind. brave spirit

You know when something just totally bombs but you get something great outta it? The sliver lining if you will? I'd like to think you are my silver lining, Jenn.

Your spirit is contagious. You smile, infectious. I knew as soon as I met you, I'd force my way into your life whether you wanted me there or not (this is a resounding theme with my friends-what gives?more therapy on that later I'm sure...) .

Its awesome to meet someone and just know that they are good people that are not about the bullshit. You are a straightforward as me and that is something to be valued these days I think. It's super easy to be a fake friends these days in the wake of social media. The bullshit I was having all to often, fake friends manifesting or maintained through social media interactions followed with a text message trail of cancelled plans. So lame. 

But not you, Jenn with two n's, you are my gem. 

To the future coffee dates, phone chats, outdoor adventures, trips and more in our future - I can't wait.

To where ever we go, the only way is up, Buttercup

Love youuus