Happy Arbonniversary to ME!

A year ago I went to an event hosted by my good friend Kim with absolutely NO plans of joining her business. I didn't think businesses in networking marketing were legit and the only reason I entertained the idea was because I absolutely loved Arbonne products and had grown to depend on them due to my family's allergies. I was not prepared for what happened next or the amazing year that has since followed!

I jumped in with both feet, excited to incorporate the makeup products in my style services and get a pay cut for the recommendations I had been already giving for FIVE YEARS. Yes. that's right. I'm that asshole that was too egotistical to even look at the business plan for five years while meanwhile telling so many people about their awesome products and how they are lifesavers for my family. I can't even think about the lost commissions over that time or where I would be in the company today had I simply took a look earlier. But here's the thing, I was never asked. I mean there with this one time I went to a party and the consultant mentioned I would be a great fit, but honestly was so off-put by her selling technique and left only feeling sorry for her.

I tell you this because I know you are out there too. I was always MIA when it came to attending home shopping events and usually blew them off. Mostly because I hate being sold to, I love online shopping because it allows me to find the best deals and read reviews from other buyers who've already tried the product.  I had also never seen real success in this industry nor found a product (other than Arbonne!) that deserved the special treatment a direct sales method needs to make it work. And I know that while you are reading this right now, you are probably nodding along with me, and maybe even thinking "Ya Karina, I think that about you".

Don't worry about me, guys. I got this. I"m on the verge of another promotion (because my team is filled with total rockstars and we are kicking butt in the name of CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN & KOSHER products!) in an industry that is growing in double digits year after year. You know when celebrity entrepreneurs (like Tyra) are using this distribution system to get their products into clients hands, the industry is about to explode even more!

I honestly believe everyone should have some sort of direct selling business, find a product you love and get paid to recommend it! With consumers purchasing online at higher rates than in brick and mortar stores today, it only makes sense to get your cut. I don't care which MLM you choose (who am I kidding, I want you to be with the best!) but consider what you are saying no to. "Like my new dress? Thanks! I got it here." Boom. I just got paid. So simple. With Arbonne, I don't even have to do any back end business stuff I spend so much time on with Project K, I share our awesome products along with my personalized shoppable link and the rest is gravy. 

So here is to another great year with Arbonne, I'm so excited for the big moves we are making! My team already has a leg in the UK and clients worldwide, but I'm so excited to re-launch a consultant in Australia this summer, she's going to kill it! So as for today, I want to say thank you. Thank you for reading my blog in it's entirety, I know some days are harder than others ;) And thank you for your support in this sometimes 'unfavourable-looking' career path. Please take me up on my promotion today, it is the best deal I can give and I've saved it just for you today! Contact me directly to order anything and get between 35-50% off your products!! Read here for more details if you're curious. 

Lots of love and see ya around the social media machine ;) xx