Why Me? Why Network Marketing? Why Now?


Some of you who have been around Project K since it's early roots may have heard some of this story before, but I got to talking about my past work with a business partner the other day and realized this would be a great blog post. 

See, I was chatting with her about how I was a very passionate creative, I loved creating my own products and shipping them all around the world prior to my MLM Business. I loved the validation of my work that came from every sale but hate hate hated the solidarity of working from home. Creating unique sashes, fascinators and hair pieces became a great creative outlet for me, and I was so in love with the custom pieces I got to make for Brides from all over. Custom work was my favourite, but creating sample sale items to list on my Etsy was how I found clients, and that meant buying materials upfront and spending many hours creating pieces.


I had to predict was people would be attracted too, purchase enough material to create any design that would take off (or at least know where I could source more out if need be) and when a design took off I had to pound it all out hans solo. Bad joke. I ran my business out of small workspace in the basement of my house; I thought keeping it quiet and out of the way would make it easier for me to work and get tasks accomplished faster. I see now that isolation lead me to hate in my business on two fronts; 1. loneliness from working by myself all day and 2. the out-of-the-way location lead my work to pile up as I was less likely to pop-in and do small jobs when I would have an extra 5 or 10 minutes.

Sometimes I joke that my failing eye surgery was a blessing, because having been introduced to Network Marketing before I thought what everyone else thought: What a scam, and how sad it was that Mom had to resort to this for some play money.

What a cow. 

Well, this cow did join a Network Marketing company. A couple months after my second failed surgery in fact, and there was no-hope of my accessory business reviving itself. MLM, when I really listened (not judged) to what it could offer me, was the best thing I had ever heard. 

While I loved the creativity of my business, I knew I would never be able to let go of enough creative control to hire employees to help with workload. My designs were too couture for that. So I knew I could only grow my business SO big. I knew how much I could put out in a day, and I knew what I could max make in a year. My products were competitively priced alongside other couture work of the same quality, and I had a lot of overhead costs every month. 

Network Marketing was the total opposite of that, and at first I wasn't sure it was what I valued in business. Mass production was not something my brand was about. Thriving by being the best copycat and celebrating that, like what? But after listening to our distribution method, how we find and keep happy clients, it seemed like a way better way of leveraging my time than product by product as a small business. I think the first few months in I kept asking my Mentors, "Why does't everyone have one of these businesses?!"

I've marked down a few of my favourite perks of Network Marketing below and plan to go into all these areas a little further on the blog in the next couple months. Would you be interested in hearing more about it? Let me know in the comments below!




A Few Reasons to Consider Network Marketing

  • ONE-TIME INVESTMENT: Investing in products to share and personally use was the only startup costs I really had. I didn't have ongoing costs all the time; predicting consumer trends was now on the company I worked for, not me. 


  • NIX MARKETING MATERIALS: While I loved creating marketing promos, I no longer had to make any documents. EVER. That work had already been done by some smarty pants before. 


  • COLLABORATION: I was always looking for people to collab with as a small business, now I get to not only work with incredible peeps, but their hard-work is something I profit from as well. 


  • CERTIFICATIONS: As a small-business owner I was proud to advertise as Vegan & GREEN, using only cruelty-free feathers and recycled materials as much as possible. But I could never afford to actually certify my products as such. I partnered with a brand that not only ticks all the right boxes for certification for me as a consumer, but also tests everything to a European standard. Eliminating a whole slew of toxic chems.


  • MENTORSHIP: Sometimes all you need it someone to confirm you are on the right track, or make a suggestion to do something another way or share life experience on how to best handle something they've went through. Whatever it is, the built in Mentorship provided by most ethical MLM's


  • BUSINESS TRENDS: it's no secret that everything is now online. Also not a secret that everyone want to do everything they possibly can online, so on either end of the spectrum, be it as a Buyer or a Small Business, running a business online these days is must. Have you been paying attention to how many BIG BOX stores have closed down over the last year? In Canada solid brands like H&M, French Connection & Smart Set have closed down and amped up their online shop, with company's like Kmart & SEARS set to be next with a complete foreclosure. Do you see a trend in the businesses? Many are fast fashion. People are seeking out wise purchases by using the Internet to compare prices, reviews etc.


  • TAX INCENTIVES & BREAKS: This one is HUGE for some people. To have an online health and wellness business, you can write off a LOT of expenses you make everyday anyways. Personally I love being able to write off travel in any company my business has a market in. With a worldwide opportunity, the sky is my limit and I plan to exercise that right up to my dying day.


  • EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: the online world can not only be competitive, but unforgiving. All it takes is some bad reviews or a post to go viral for the wrong reasons and you can attract unwanted traffic, or worse none at all. To start most business, a decent investment upfront (depending on how serious the venture) is usually the norm and you assume all risk 100%. In Network Marketing and my business in particular, we all start at the same place, with the same small investment and it's up to us to decide where we end up.