Valentines Shopping Guide

LOVIES!! Did you know I've never celebrated a proper Valentines Day? My birthday is a couple days after and it always seemed like such a scene stealer for me. I mean nothing says 'I forgot about your birthday' more than heart-shaped chocolates and stuffed animals two days after the fact. After about a decade of that happening at least once a birthday, you can imagine I became a little slighted towards the holiday. Talk about any boyfriend's best-case-scenario, right? A holiday they get a free pass at?! Your welcome, all three of you out there. 

My husband has loved this, since he's not the sentimental kind of guy. We celebrate a random Monday before remembering our anniversary some years, it's the little wins that get us: kids asleep by 8, a day-trip that didn't end in tears or beating another day without that pesky germ violating the fragile immune systems I'm living with here. Those seem to be more important around here I guess.

I have cooled my jets on how much I loathe it - for the kids sake, right? I mean, I have three boys, I can't have them growing up to be ignorant boyfriends, now can I? I make sure we pass around Valentines (even handmade some years!) and encourage them to give one special gift to someone who needs a little more love in their lives. Usually it's their teacher or our neighbour, but I'm always so excited for them to create something special. I get the boys each a little card and write something sappy in it and last year I think I even tackled homemade twix bars for the big guy-he hadn't indulged in a gooey chocolate wheat waffer treat in over six years. I think they ended up looking like a pile of poop according to my snapchat, but he was pretty psyched. 

Now I'm not about to change things up this year, but I'm thinking about renegotiating the deal with my hubs. I'm trying to figure out a way to sell it like 'You're still off the hook, but I'm going to do some online shopping with your credit card, um-kay?".  I can't see it being a problem, in fact I think I'm on to something here, and have already pre-shopped the perfect Valentine themed items I'm after. 

Maybe I'm not such a cold-hearted cynic after all. Check out my favs and as always, feel free to buy and call me ahead of time to plan our matching outfits, oh kay?!

Love you, bye.