Total Makeover Challenge Abbotsford 2017

I'm so so so excited to be a part of The Total Makeover Challenge again this year with the Shape Your World Society. Project K has been a sponsor for the last two cycles and I absolutely adore the board members and the challengers I get to meet and work with! Check out our Meet & Greet below in January held at the Phoenix Ballroom in Abbotsford, BC. What a super fun night meeting all the new challengers!

This year, I will be speaking to the Abbotsford ladies early on about social media and lend some great tips and tricks to get the most out of their social networks. Teaching about Facebook LIVE, Instagram techniques and how to make best use of the their free blog they have access to throughout the challenge are some of the things I touch on, but also how to find their 'voice' whilst writing a blog. On the flip, I've asked them all to friend me on Facebook, so I can share more techniques with them by example. One tip I love is sharing how to can create lists of people to share specific content to! Just the other day I did a LIVE video for only them - it's posted on my timeline for all the contestants to watch and rewatch and no one else in my social networks outside of these challengers even know it is there, pretty cool right? If you're a challenger and missed it, check it out here, we chatted about proteins, profiles and poop! :)

The Challengers get so many awesome opportunities through the sponsorships in this four (almost five) month venture and I love watching and reading their progress through their social media accounts and blogs. I'm so excited that this year, all the runners-up received a complete 7 day anti-aging skincare set and microdermabrasion kit from my Arbonne business! Additionally, the Top 15 Challengers are going to receive a full face skincare and makeup application by a pro makeup artist all with Arbonne's incredible products for their selfie session with PhotoArt by Simpson. Not only that, but have a Vegan Makeup Class with me, learning all about easy effortless looks that don't harm a fly. 

If you haven't already guessed it, I absolutely love teaching others about the pure, safe and beneficial products available to all through my online shopping portal at Arbonne. This incredible group of women are so receptive to learning new things and get super excited when they hear about our European formulation (hello no GMO's, preservative, phthalates etc), carbon neutral shipping (that gets your product to you in THREE days!) and even our Charitable Foundation that works with youth in our communities. If this sounds like an amazing brand to partner with - you better believe it is! I don't just have an Arbonne business because my family live a completely gfree life (did I mention our products are vegan and kosher too?) I have an Arbonne business because I couldn't believe more in our products or our business structure. I get to do life with some incredible ladies and men all over the world! I have teammates and clients all over the world and you better believe I use my social media mastery to use the internet to find and coach new leaders everyday. 

It really is the best business I could have ever built. Did I mention it comes with built in besties, travel and a mercedes benz for just, you know, doing your J-O-B? You can read more about what I do with Arbonne over here, but in the meantime be sure we are connected on social media so I can check out all the things that are important to you in your life! I love being snoopy ;) And don't forget to pick up my FREE GLUTEN FREE SUPPORT GUIDE! So many awesome resources for those starting out on a gluten free life!

Until next time!