Top Tips for Online Clothing Resale Sites

Are you new to selling in online clothing auctions? Sites like these are an easy way to get some return on your clothing investments, particularly if your cast-offs are high quality or big brands. Here are a couple of my tips to keep you on top of your resale game.



1. Take decent pictures

You don't have to have a fancy camera to take a decent picture, but you do have to put a little effort in if you want your item to go for top dollar. The easiest way to take a good picture is create a neutral environment (blank canvas) without any distractions so all the bidders see is the item they are going to (hopefully) bid on. Make sure the colours are as closet to real life as possible and if you can, model it. Some items look great on, but lay them flat and borrrring. Take a couple different angles of each item and pic your favourites from there. Don't edit them except to crop and be sure to include pictures of any damage or wear that the bidder should know about.

2. Don't sporadically list items

As most auctions are timed, it's nice to have a bunch of similar items starting and ending at the same time. That way you aren't constantly bombarded with alerts and messages. Only list items once a week/month and all at once if you can manage. This means having your pictures uploaded and ready to go along with a short description of the item. If you're using a social media auction,  it's way easier to arrange for all your pick ups the following day as opposed to here and there. It makes for a less chaotic experience and usually buyers bidding on more than one of your items

3. Engage with your bidders

A big tip for sites like these are to bump your posts/like comments etc as much as the group allows so more people see you item. The more popular your post is within the group, more eyes are going to see it, resulting in more bids and a higher payout for you. 

4. Be available & accommodating

This is another reason to list all at once, ensure the following 24 hours (or however long the bidding runs) don't have you away from a computer or internet connection. Be available to answer any questions potential bidders may have and try to be as polite as possible, even if you already posted the answers, remember some people are dumb and thats that ;) When arranging a pick up time or where to meet, be courteous and accommodating.  

5.Know your target audience

It's also important to know the trends people around you are wearing, so don't post your modern or edgy stuff in a small town group if the people around you all seem to be in American Eagle and Gap, use sites like Ebay or Trend Trunk for that. Also don't be that weirdo posting winter stuff in the middle of July. Try and stick to the upcoming season, your items will get more views and be more relevant to your bidders.