Take BACK your closet

Every time I do a closet overhaul I am reminded of the mindless purchasing we all fall victim too at some point in our shopping journey. You know, like cheap tops you buy for one night and never wear again? I have been trying to keep my level of consumerism in check and really keep the crap out of my closet. Don't get me wrong, I can't pass up a good deal when I see one, but it usually (I try!) has to pass a wardrobe checklist first. Read on for some tips on how to keep your wardrobe shipshape.


As I'm working more in people closets, I'm starting to notice a trend. Most women tend to buy a lot of one particular style, or trend, only to later despise it. That can become a total bummer to despise the majority of your wardrobe, not to mention a real financial loss when you add it all up. Take all those $15-30 tops from before for example, if you buy even just two a month, that's upwards of $260/yr spent on items you only got a couple unmemorable uses out of. You can see how that sum can accumulate quickly and be avoided by simply planning out your shopping list, much like you do for groceries.

If you perhaps took inventory of your closet before going out shopping, you'd be less likely to impulse buy trendy items. Having a shopping list to work from keeps your head in the game and has you looking at more important qualities in a garment, like cut and fabric, not just price. This may lead you to be more inclined to spend a little bit more on an item that you know you need and can make work throughout your entire wardrobe. Invest in a handy app that itemizes everything you have and has handy functions like packing lists and a calendar to keep track of what you wore when and where.


if you can. If you can't no biggie, I have you covered.

Usually a pricier item comes at a better value overall because the quality of fabric is miles beyond its lower priced counterparts, but if you can't afford to spend a lot, just be sure to launder your clothes carefully. Less expensive items will wear quicker, so spot clean as necessary or even better, use a dry cleaner. Your clothes will come back looking better than when they went in and last much longer. 


Storage space needs to be thought out with regards to every square inch to maximize your wardrobes potential and make getting ready in the morning a breeze. A tip I give my clients is to keep drawers exclusively for loungewear and items you only wear at home. That way when you are dressing for the day, you aren't wasting time bouncing between locations and everything you need is in one place, your closet. Try to incorporate spaces for all your wardrobe items including accessories such as belts, scarves or purses, as well as out of season apparel, if you have the room. Products like pull out hooks are great to utilize as much space as possible.