Stop. Start. Stop. Breathe

Stop it.

I have written four posts since my last one and every one is sitting in draft mode. Lots of people read it. More than I know and I guess thats left me a little shy. But I've also been busy. My new business has been awesome exposure for Project K's consulting services and I've been swamped with work on both ends. But its the best things ever. I can't describe it without sounding like a total cheese ball, but this gig I've like, dreamt up for myself basically (LBH here) is so flippin' rewarding. Helping people is so soul satisfying and knowing I'm recommending products whenever I can that are from ethical companies is an amazing feeling.

I'm currently working with a bunch of amazing ethical clothing brands from the east coast and the states to provide cool, modern  pieces for my Online Clothing Membership. I have seen growth in this service in the last month and really want to set it up right from the get go and am so excited to share more info on everything as I develop it. Its crazy how my Arbonne business and Project K are so complimentary and it took me forever to notice.


And this is why I hate blogging. I'd rather write about something objective or tangible, than my own life and whats going on it. It's not that I care what people think, because if you know me in real life...well, I guess friends would say, I'm blunt?! I don't know what it is, but maybe its because who really wants everyone all up in their business? Lol. But for real though. I live in a small town already and the internet has kind of become a sort of 'overpopulated small town' if you will.

So! I'm not going to blog about my wardrobe, or what we eat, although its directly related to my line of work. All that stuff can be found on my social media channels and I'll link to them on occasion from within this blog. 

Coming up next week, a bunch of style tips on how to take your existing wardrobe to the next level. So much fashion goodness happening over here these days, I love it!