Real Queens Fix Each Others Crowns

I've never really worked in a 'supportive' environment in my adult life.

Sure, working for my parents as a teenager was a little too supportive, so maybe my experience up till now has been balanced. Regardless, my past work in healthcare and then more recently working on my own at Project K, has been mostly lonely when it comes to the day-to-day of it all.

There is nothing I dislike more than reading a blog where its just bitch and moan, so I'll try really hard not to ever deliver that here.

What I will say is that I had hoped for a day when it wouldn't be so damn tough. 

So when a new month rolled around and I was, yet again, just barely performing in my business, at home and in life and feeling like a real turd, my pity party didn't last long. I wear too many hats for that shit now. 

I had a real bummer event happen in my Arbonne business and new it was for the best deep down; but still it hurt. Usually I would never mention anything negative about any of my businesses for obvious reasons, right? No one joins a sinking ship. 

But my ship wasn't sinking. 

It was rebuilding and I had to clear out a lot of crap. 

This is what I love about Network Marketing as a profession. Everyone starts in the same place (in my company anyways) and it's up to you to decide where you end up. It forces growth in all areas of your life. Most people aren't ready for it, they usually end up quitting or saying it a scam, but that's simply because they didn't want to do the work.

Anyways, last day of the week and it was one of those just fit-stuff-in-where-you-can kinda day. So a little work here, met up with an old friend (not old friend at all but feels like it) and have a good cry/coffee and then head back home to a slew full of boys rumbling in the backyard. I knew I was rocking it when I was finishing up the laundry while one of my Mom besties finished up a paper for Uni on the sundeck. Talk about harmonious work/home/life balance hey?

It hit me, mid mini-boxer-brief fold, how special my day was:

  1. My kid got to go to work with Mom, how many get that?
  2. I had some heavy, serious conversations with my close friends; at our leisure because we had no where else to be. 
  3. I even managed to take all three boys on a bike ride and hike after dinner, all without my better half. Say what?! 

Barely-coping Karina would have been a mess by one pm. But not today. I realized I had somehow achieved a pretty balanced day and it was all in thanks to my peeps. I'm sure another day will bring with it other of my amazing peeps in it, co-working & trucking on through life together but this day felt special.

Special because this tribe of mine helped put the pieces back together, one by one, and I think I helped them, too. I've started writing Love Letters daily to keep me grateful for all these wonderful people that come in for a reason, season or lifetime. You can check some of them out below, I don't publish all of them, but maybe one day I will.

But not today, today I'll smile and think of my Badass Girl Tribe and how we rocked it out today on our own terms.