Meal Plan for a Gluten Free Week

Hello and Welcome to whats about to be the best food week of your life, are you ready for this?

It's Taco Tuesday EVERY NIGHT of the week!

Going gluten free ain't easy. In fact, I believe more people would do if it didn't seem so daunting. To ease your way into a gluten free lifestyle, what better way to do it than with a universally loved and easy meal?! Taco's (and Mexican food in general) are an easy gluten free meal because it's super easy to find non-wheat items as most tacos are corn based and you can easily find corn or rice tortilla's in every supermarket. 

What's more, preparing tacos is usually a snap. Fire up a healthy protein, chop some veg and make sure your favourite salsa/sour cream is on hand and olé! There are so many combinations and in this meal plan I share some of my favs. From breakfast burritos, lettuce wraps and the yummiest fish taco's you've ever had, this week will have you thinking you're south of the border no matter how much (uninvited) snow falls!

Click through for full recipe and instructions and comment below what your favourites are from this week! Be sure to share this post with your besties, because who DOESN'T love a so-called taco cleanse?


Because you can't not Zumba around the kitchen when you're rocking Mexican food all week. Come on now. Turn it up and move to the beat!

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