Maternity Style: Where to Shop

pieces from the Hatch Maternity Collection  

pieces from the Hatch Maternity Collection


When I found out I was pregnant with this last little guy, it had been so long since my previous bump styling days that I definitely needed to update my wardrobe. Not only had my tastes changed, but also I was now going to be big in the opposite season that my previous maternity clothes were for. I needed good staples to go from breezy summer nights here at the lake that transitioned straight into fall and early winter easily.

Since having my first two boys, I had really got into the groove of online shopping and love it for its ease and convenience, as trips out to the mall are better reserved for lunch dates with girlfriends then my 3 & 4 year old boys. I surfed the net, blog posts and pinterest for a couple weeks before making any major purchases, and once my checkouts were complete it wasn't long before items arrived in the post and a versatile wardrobe began taking shape.


As I've mentioned on the How to Style Your Basics series, you can save lots of time as well as money if you simply take inventory of your existing wardrobe. Plan on purchasing a few key pieces and stock up on essentials. After my own initial look-through of my regular clothes, I decided on what could stay (even if just for a little while) and what had to be put away for post-pregnancy. This was a great way to visualize WHAT you need because you see what you have that will work. I found many of my long flowy tops and tunics could take me through to the ninth month, as well as empire waist maxi dresses. 

I had a few pieces that could stay, a couple blazers, a tunic, some loose knit sweaters and of course, all my current accessories like scarves, jewellery and shoes. Although I did grab four pairs of non-maternity black tights, I avoided trying to make non-maternity items work because lets face it, they usually don't and it's glaringly obvious. But furthermore, anything I wore while preggers with the other two boys, I definitely didn't want to wear again post-pregnancy. Other than tights and the occasional sale top or tunic, most of the pieces I bought were specifically maternity wear. I lived in this ASOS dress this summer, and these ASOS pleated moto leggings are awesome and I'm so glad I didn't wait until they were on sale. I have worn those probably the most out of everything.


The majority of my basic pieces came from either the Gap or Asos. The later has probably been my favourite go-to online shopping destination for the last two years, pregnant or not. The shipping is a little slow as I mainly order from the UK site, but the hassle-free returns and endless variety keep me coming back. I absolutely loved the jumpsuits from HATCH this season as well as the work-wear provided by Isabella Oliver, but I didn't add either retailer to my wardrobe as I didn't have the need to for office attire. Although I didn't purchase from all the retailers listed below, I did scour their sites and pin many looks for inspiration on Project K's Maternity Fashion board found on Pinterest

Hope this list helps to build up a fabulous maternity wardrobe and would love to hear in the comments below some of your favourite online retailers as well :)


Many of the retailers I refer to in the How to Style Your Basics series are personal favourites where I purchased many of my own maternity pieces from. I did not get endorsed to advertise these brands.