How to style your Basics: Maternity Edition

As briefly mentioned in an article called "5 Fashion Tips for your Maternity Look", one of my go to style rules for any wardrobe is to stock up on basics because you wear them all the time. Monochromatic staples are essential in any wardrobe, especially your maternity one, and I'll even go as far to say you can almost create a complete maternity wardrobe out of staple pieces alone simply by mixing in accessories you already have. Read on to see how and let me know what your favourite maternity splurge was in the comments below.


When purchasing your staple items, its important to remember what season you are buying for (black long sleeves are great for layering, but blazing hot for the summer time) and quantities of each to order. I suggest buying multiples of standards, like basic white t's or black leggings, as well as doubles of any neutral items you may wear day-to-day in an office or work setting, such as pencil skirts or trousers. These are the items you are going to be wearing over and over again and you don't want to be tied to that washing machine already, there will be plenty of time for that certain 'domestic bliss' once baby is here.



So how do you not end up looking boring and wearing the same outfit day after day? The trick here is to utilize your monochromatic pieces along with special or feature items. These are pieces that standout because they have a great pattern, texture or colour. The stark contrast of your basics help make these items pop, leaving feature item looking possibly even more special. I like to use shoes and jewellery to infuse colour and texture into these looks, but you can accessorize these basics with just about anything and it'll look classic and right on trend.



Knowing this was going to be our last baby, I wanted to buy as few pieces as possible. My inner stylist was up for the challenge to create as many looks out of these staples as possible and add only a few feature pieces and new accessories...okay and a couple of new boots too! But in my defence, boots (and accessories!) can carry over back into a regular wardrobe, thus not REALLY being solely for the 9 months your prego...and there is no such thing as too many boots, right? As I close in on my final month of pregnancy, I think I got the most wear out of the pleated leggings from Asos and the basic white t's. These pieces left me with lots of options and help up really REALLY well for their cost.