5 Tips for Maternity Fashion

Why oh why is it so hard to find decent maternity clothes? Not every expectant mother-to-be is ok with the moo-moo-esque style that continues to stock the shelves of most mainstream maternity lines, I know this mama isn't. Even the basics, while a complete necessity, can be hard to track down or are way overpriced.

So, in my quest for ANYTHING fashionable for my third pregnancy, I managed to find a small handful of online retailers that really fit the bill. I've created a stylish, easy to mix & match wardrobe while keeping in mind the items will only be useful for a short period and to not blow the bank. 

With these handy tips I'm sure you'll be able to create a maternity look all your own with the click of a mouse. In your pyjamas. At midnight. Eating bonbons and rootbeer...oh wait...maybe that was just me. Be sure to let me know any of your favourite tips on maternity fashion and the great finds you've scored in the comments below. Happy bump-styling, my fellow preggers :)


While patterns can be fun and a great way to spice up your regular wardrobe, hitting up the hawaiian florals when pregnant is a big no-no. Patterns have way too much going on and can take AWAY from your bump, making you look bigger. Solid maxi dresses or skirts, tops or pants can easily be accessorized with items you already have, like jewellery, scarves and hats. The options are endless when you stock up on key pieces to mix and match, which brings me to my next tip...



Here is where the bulk of your budget is going to go. Stock up on great neutral items like skinny jeanslayering tops and maxi dresses or skirts you can take from day to night. These pieces will make a multitude of outfits when paired with your existing shoes and accessories. But take note: the trick here is to not just buy one plain white T, but multiples. A good fitting top can make so many different outfits, and to avoid laundering everyday make sure you get a few of each. Seasonal items like outerwear or swimwear are also a necessity that can't be overlooked (unless you time your pregnancies right!) and should be pieces you love, but aren't too closely associated with one style or another to help assimilate among your other clothes. A classic one-piece bathing suit or trench works best.  



...unless you intend to incorporate some type of cinch or belt. Loose clothing can go from boho chic to frumpy moo-moo in a hurry if you're not careful. A cute belt or sash can help to create a figure and show off that burgeoning bump you are so proudly growing. If it's still early in the pregnancy and you've yet to announce your exciting news, these looser silhouettes may be preferred, but you may be drawing more attention to your 'no-bump here' look than you thought. It's best to stick to empire waist tops or dresses, maxi's are your friend and if all else fails, blame the bump on a cheeseburger.


Here's where the personality of your outfits come into play. With all those great staples you've stocked up on, now's the time to be even more adventurers perhaps than with accessory choices. The neutral or solid colours will help showcase your favourite statement necklacescarf or great pair of boots to give you just the right amount of style without going overboard. Use the accessories you already have, or take the opportunity to stock up on some new items you've had your eye on now. After all, these pieces can transition right back into your normal wardrobe, making them guilt-free purchases!


There are plenty of ways to keep your regular clothes lasting throughout the first couple months of pregnancy, some even right to the end. Invest in a belly band (less than $20) to prolong the life of your favourite jeans but be sure to replace them with maternity jeans as you continue to grow. Jeans stretch and kind of conform to your size after time and you want to be able to wear your favourite pair again post baby belly. Blazers and wrap cardigans are another great item that can carry you through with ease and great style.