Little Miss Chatterbox

I saw this meme about telephone landlines the other day and laughed too hard at it. We've all been there. Stumbled upon something so true to our own life that you can't help but think user flyguy445_dog is the only person in the world that really knows you. 

I laughed; then remembered the current state of affairs of my own cell charger, or landline as mine has become, and cringed. Wires exposed and plastic fraying.


I digress, the cell charger.

Ok. Many thoughts were had! Why did good ol' Stevie at Apple decide to make the cord so short?! Why oh why did my beast of a portable phone I toted around as a teenager myself last multiple-hour long conversations daily and never get so damn hot? And that damn charging dock is never in the right location either...Ahhh...remember the good ol days?

MSN; ICQ; BlueMountain hosted websites.

When the net was like the wild west and the simple laws of duplication and compound effect measured in bandwidths back could almost hear the encrypting of your latest sassy hotmail account through a dinosaur modem. As an '84 baby, my teen years were spent in the late 90's and early aught's, right when the Internet took hold of the masses. It allowed this little small-town girl to connect with anything or anyone from (almost) anywhere.

I rocked the shit outta almost every social media platform I came across back then, by the time Facebook emerged I could type at a live response rate of over 70wpm. But who the Judas Priest cares? I know I don't care about text-sentiments as much these day as I do a personal call.

Modern tech is awesome and I'm always amazed but the advancements, but history proves humans have a hard time with self-regulation. The sometimes wonder if the ease of being able to do everything in one place has left that one place out of balance to our basic human need of connection. I mean I do a lot on my phone, and block whole chunks of the day or week when I turn it off.


So, back to the cell charger...the meme that made me chuckle ended up having me question my entire being of things. Naturally.  Isn't this what the 30's are all about? One of the books I read in July really helped me establish new habits and I can't recommend this book enough. Gretchen Rubin's Better Than Before : Mastering the Habits of Our Every Day Lives has been a great guidebook for making some necessary changes in my life. I'm not even going to start on how she can best help you, just go buy the book. It's really great if you're into personal development.

One of my new habits? Blogging somewhere once/day.  And piggybacking the task onto something I already do everyday.

Thanks Gretchen and Internet Meme for the combined kick in the ass.

This Little Miss Chatterbox is just getting started.