Your 1 Week Kid-Friendly Meal Plan

So, you have a picky eater you say?

I heard you loud and clear in our private facebook group the other day when I asked what deters you from eating healthy. Most voted that picky eaters are the main cause of easy, less nutritious meals hitting the table because, hey, who needs a brussel sprout fight at 6pm, amiright? I took your input and super-charged your responses in hopes that I can help encourage more of you in the kitchen and eating wholesome meals as a family again!

This is the first post in a three part series that is aimed to empower you back in the kitchen, in less time than you currently spend. I'll say it again, I've got some serious, proven strategies that will save you HOURS in your month if applied. 


Feast your eyes on this clean, kid-friendly menu plan!

Scroll through the recipes and see if anything catches your eye. I encourage you to bookmark this post and give it a try this week. Leave me a comment below on what passed the test in your house (or bombed!), and strike up a convo with the other members over in Easy Clean Eating

Plan it out

The most frustrating this is reaching for that must-have ingredient at 5:30pm to discover it is not there. Or opening your fridge in hopes that something new teleported in since that last snack attack, but of course, same old. Making sure your pantry and fridge are well stocked is essential when trying to cut corners and make great meals in a snap. 

Picky eaters can make meal times hellish, and I'm lucky to only have two (and one of them is my better half!) to worry about. Some of my best tricks have included pureeing vegetables to sneak into recipes, coating everything in nutella, and straight up lying to them. Hey, we do what we have to do, right? My BEST SECRET though, is I've enlisted the help of a food delivery service and highly recommend others to do so. So long as I spend $75, the delivery is free, this helps me menu plan, budget and save time driving to the store. I LOVE YOU SPUD!