ISO Girl Squad Members

As I sit here, 18,000 of my fellow Arbonne mama's and papa's are all celebrating new product launches, promotions and each other in Vegas, Nevada. To get a feel for what that looks like, click the video at the right, thanks Kata! I choose not to attend this year as it conflicted with my work at Eco Fashion Week and my team isn't really in the place I want it to be yet to go. What does that mean? It means I'm still searching for my tribe. I have a small group of amazing consultants all working at their own Arbonne business and learning and growing daily, but I also couldn't justify (especially when the dollar is so crummy) taking that time and deniro away from my family with no team coming with.

GTC is our global conference where consultants from all over the globe meet up and party like rockstars for four days. While I have never been to Vegas (long story, but I'm not super keen on the idea) attending with my girl squad is for sure on my list for next year. In the meantime, I continue to attend our Canadian training (Niagara Falls this September, super excited!) and plug into local training and events my National VP puts on monthly. What I'm really getting at here, is that this business may appear to outsiders as a sales based/product driven company, but we are so much more than that.

Simply scrolling my newsfeed on Facebook this last week has reconfirmed to me over and over again why I am in this industry and business. It's not about sales or promotional volume for me. Its about the people. I get to help people with their skin and nutrition, as well as personal financial freedom, a break from the 9-5, income cap and having someone else tell you when to show up for work. This business is such a gift to everyone, I can't wait until my tribe attends conferences with me and we can strut the strip along with nearly 20k other unbelievably good-looking humans. Because that really is what our conferences look like, the most beautiful, radiant people all in one place learning how to best help others. 

One of my favourite photos this week wasn't one of my girlfriends partying it up, but of fellow sidelines sharing our products whenever and wherever they are called to do so, like in their hotel bathroom. A class can happen anywhere, it is all about paying enough attention to listen to what others are trying to tell you. Everyone is out to find the best in skincare and nutrition these days and we've never been more aware as consumers than we are today. Now, we are looking for companies that are transparent and will tell you their ingredient lists, manufacturing process and commitment to evergreen practices. Yes I may be biased, but after working for almost a decade in an online marketplace where most websites earn through affiliate marketing, nothing compares to Arbonne from a product standpoint (sorry Miss. Alba, but your goodies are not as squeaky clean as ours!). And if you are business-minded like I am, with a commission rate of 35% and no cap on your income, it really only makes sense to hop to a company that has both years in the industry (est. in 1980) and a vegan commitment to never test on animals, only a human panel that can, you know, communicate results to scientists. I could go on all day about the benefits of this great company, but what I'm really getting at is that it is an amazing culture to attach yourself too. 

From watching ENVP Melanie Booth cart around her ridiculously adorable Winnie, to International Arbonne Phenom Kata Csar connecting (and sometimes meeting IRL for the first time!) with her girl squad there is so much about this business that goes unseen until you are a part of this awesome journey. It's funny how the universe surprises you, if you are open hearted and follow your curiosity. I would have laughed my face off if someone told me I'd feel most loved, inspired, empowered, significant, and worthy by being a part of a "cute little lip stick business" for "bored housewives." I am forever grateful for my inkling of wonder and open mind and open heart that said YES! because I never thought this would be the vehicle to live out my best life and my become my self.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, I encourage you to have a quick coffee date with me, or watch this video on youtube (or all of them in the playlist!) if nothing else, to know what you are saying no to. Because this business isn't for everyone, but it could be exactly what you are looking for and can be the answer to living your life on your own terms. I am so excited to think of the new faces and talents my team is growing into and would love for you to consider lending your own unique talents to this awesome opportunity and change the lives of those around you for the better. I love you all for reading my posts and look forward to chatting about life, fashion, and health with you next time our paths cross!