Vancouver Eco Fashion Week

What a week it's been, freinds! I started off lending a (styling) hand to some amazing designers at Vancouver's 10th Annual Eco Fashion Week and it was so great. Each designer had their own take on sustainable fashion and it was so cool to see what they came up with. I worked with some awesome volunteers and made some great new friends I can't wait to see again. (shameless plugs out to super rad lead stylist Julia, adorable makeupbylily & model Eri Ka!)

I've grabbed a couple images off Eco's FB Page to show you some of my fav's (looks & models!) I worked with to take a peak into what I got to do. I helped models fit the clothes as well as cataloging and chronicling the looks. There was no photo's backstage (obviously, spoiler alert!) so all photo's are taken by uber talented Peter Jensen. The staff at Eco were beyond phenomenal and Eco Stylist Myriam Laroche is  a total gem. I only met her briefly but she is a visionary and so beyond gorgeous. 

Hope you enjoy and share your favorite look from comments below! For a complete look at all collections showing at Eco and behind the scenes photos, hop over to their Facebook Albums.