What to bring to a Clothing Swap

So your BFF talked you in to coming to a clothing swap and you have no idea what your in for? Relax, its all good fun and (hopefully) at the end of it you'll have some great new pieces to work in to your own wardrobe. But don't be the weirdo showing up with swimsuits in December or parka's in April. Read on for my tips on what you should bring to the next clothing swap you attend, and check this out if you're planning on hosting a swap

What to Bring

1. Don't bring crap clothes.

If you don't want it, why would you think your friends would? Yes everyone has their own taste, but don't bring items that have obvious wear, are tarnished or in need of repair, or you don't know where its from. While items don't have to be top of the line, don't bring items that are below par.

2. Try to stay current

Unless your host has specified to bring anything you want, its probably best to stick to items that are current for the season you are in. If you're going to a swap in July, don't bring thick scarves or your winter peacoat. I think bringing vintage items are ok too, as you never know what someone may like, just be sure its not in poor condition.

3. Don't bring an item you didn't buy.

So your sister gave you a bunch of clothes she didn't want anymore? Well, she may say that now, but you never know if she'll change her mind or need it back again one day. 

4. All items should be cleaned

Be sure to take inventory of what you want to bring to the swap a couple days in advance to ensure you have ample time to clean and dry your clothes. 

5. Its not just about the clothes

While its great to shop your friends closet, its even better doing it while enjoying each other company. Offer to bring a bottle of wine, or perhaps your famous spinach and artichoke dip and make a fun night of it. Life goes by quickly, people move, get married, have babies and so on so its important to keep in touch with your girlfriends.

Have a great clothing swap party and if you are considering hosting your own, be sure to read this on things you want to consider before organizing a party.