Closet Overhaul Cast-offs, now what?

Upon completing a closet overhaul for clients, we discuss what they'd like to do with the items we decided shouldn't make back on the hangers. I give many options and suggestions but most clients usually go with donation. But what if you've just cleared out a couple items yourself and know they still have some life in them? Here are my top tips to make a bit of your money back on your discard items.

1.  Trend Trunk

If you live in Canada and have ever tried to sell anything online, you know your number one enemy is shipping costs. Trend Trunk is so easy and shipping can be built into your pricing, so all you have to do once you sell an item from your closet is print out a prepaid shipping label, attach it to your package and drop it in the mail. This company is pretty new and selection of items grows daily. I find I list my finer items on Trend Trunk because people are going there to find a good deal on quality goods. Check it out here, listing an item couldn't be easier and its free to try.

2. Online Auctions

Again, shipping charges can hurt you here if you're using a marketplace like, instead try searching your city (or closest one) for an online auction site. I just recently started to use this one and think its great! The auction is open for 24 hours, and because it is in my specific location, pick-up and transfers are a breeze. I tend to sell my everyday stuff I don't wear very often, or dresses that I know are popular (hello, anything with lace). For my top tips on how to get the best bids on online auctions, click here.

3. Consignment Stores

If you'd rather to drop off your clothes and have someone else deal with all the fuss, I don't  blame you. Consider sourcing out some consignment stores that give you a percent of what your items sell at. Most places give store credit or cash payout but be sure to ask before you hand them over. There's nothing worse than having credit in a store you can't find anything you like at. 

3. Re-sale Apps on your phone

I am currently obsessed with Vancouver-based resale app called Breez. Its easy user platform makes uploading items a , ahem, breeze and find and purchasing great items even easier. This app is pretty, basic and serves its purpose well, try it out!


Still unsure?

If all this seems like too much work and not enough fun, then you should consider hosting a clothing swap! It's a great excuse for girls night with wine and yummy appy's and the chance to shop your friends closet cast-offs. To read more about hosting a clothing swap, check out my post here or drop me a line with any style questions here.