Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

Why am I all about the meal planning and clean eating these days?! Well, ya ya, I've been gfree for a couple years now and that helped keep my weight down for sure (BTW who can resists those little seashell chocolates?! so so so guilty of over consuming those bad boys) but as of lately, I've taken up running. If you know me, you know I would YELL at people running on the street whilst driving. Straight up " We all know you're miserable, just quit it would you?' or "Jump in, my car's not broken!". Ya, so maybe a bit of an asshat.

So after an awesome girls night we my local lovies out here in HHS married with  embarking on another cycle of the Total Makeover Challenge (TMC) as a sponsor, I kind of asked myself, what gives, yo? I mean, at girls night, I had an incredible chat with one my gf's who shared with me a harrowing tale of endurance and spirit that had her running over like 200km in 48hrs all over the interior mountains last year, and I was all whaaaaaa? Combine this tale with over 60 inspiring applicants to the TMC Abbotsford that myself and eleven other people we tasked to narrow down to 30, and I had to ask myself, 'What is my excuse?'

So, I vowed to run my block without stopping. It's only 2km roundtrip and I was sure I would die attempting it, but I didn't care. I laced up the old Asics, put on my best windbreaker (which I've since replaced with a saweeeet pullover from the 80's, the kind that folds into a fanny pack for the warmer nights, you totally know what I'm talking about, right?) and hit the pavement. I was back on home soil in less than 10 minutes and feeling like I could have gone at it again. That's weird. The next night same thing, except I made it home in 9 minutes. You can see where this is going right?

Immediately had to stock up on cute athleisure (because first thing's first ya'll!) and buy my husband a pair of kicks to join me (that's right, buddy. I'm taking you down with me, mostly because one of my BFF's continues to send me concerned snapchat's about cougars and bears and she's totally right...but we're in the wrong season...hello Missy, it's awards season, not bear).

So, here I am. Today. With a GD glimmer of a six pack. Are you kidding me?

I can't give all the credit to 'RUNNING' and good lord I hope I don't turn into one of those assholes that only talk about running, but it feels pretty good to know I could outrun my prada purse snatcher on Cordova or keep up with my kids in the 5km they keep threatening to enter us in.

I also have been fueling myself with a high nutrient dense vegan diet and use protein powder like a boss. Meal Replacement protein in my shakes, a daily protein boost in my super yum spaghetti sauce and other dinner dishes and munching on healthy nuts, seeds and hummus like the true west coast crunchy I'm turning into. Maybe the refrence to Arbonne is more annoying that running? Who knows, but all I know is I'm flipping addicted to both and fair warning, if you don't want to hear about either, feel free to BOUNCE!

with love, encouragement and belief in YOU!


PS. Does picturing my house on fire in the 'homestretch' help my sprinting times any? You bet your ass it does!