A new day brings a new beginning

Welcome back!

How was your first week on the 30 Day's to Healthy Living & Beyond? I know by now you are finding your favourite Arbonne products and a routine where to fit them in. I've featured a workout list in every weekly plan to help encourage movement along with this program. I love the Ballet Beautiful workouts I featured last week, they are always my go to, but recently I have been doing this new yoga workout with Adriene when I can't make it to my local classes, and really like her energy and flow.  I hope you'll check it out and let me know what you think!


Menu for Week Two

Here are 21 new recipes to help you on your way! Scroll through the recipes and see if anything catches your eye. I encourage you to bookmark this post and give some of these a try this week. Leave me a comment below on what your fav's are and be sure to strike up a convo on our facebook wall.