It's a beautiful day to start

Eat clean. Get fit. Be healthy.

Welcome to Arbonne's 30 Day's to Healthy Living & Beyond! You made it! You're here, congratulations on taking the first step in creating healthier eating habits. Eating clean becomes a way of life overtime that isn't always convenient or pretty, (how does my kitchen get so dirty?!) but if you stick to it, you won't regret it. Previous clients have experienced amazing results from riding their body of harsh toxins, sugars, yeasts etc and boast increased energy, weight loss, decreased inflammation, reduction in headaches, migraines & ibs symptoms to name a few.

Personally, I will forever be an Arbonne client for the the vitamin power packs and meal replacement powder alone.  I noticed a huge difference in my hair, skin, eyes, nails EVERYTHING with the power packs and I always had a hard time stopping to eat breakfast. The shakes are a great way for me to get my vegan protein and essential nutrients in the morning when rushing the boys off on their day. I feel full and love making protein balls with the powder for snacks, recipe to come! I hope I have sparked your interest to try a new recipe or workout, check out the goods below! If you want to join in, email me or learn more about the program here.


Feast your eyes on your first week's menu plan

Here are 21 recipes to help you on your way! Scroll through the recipes and see if anything catches your eye. I encourage you to bookmark this post and give some of these a try this week. Leave me a comment below on what your fav's are and be sure to strike up a convo on our facebook wall.