30 Days to Healthy Living

Whatever your health goals are for 2016, I'd bet it includes eating a little cleaner and perhaps giving the environment a bit of a break too. There is no denying the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and you'd be hard pressed not to find someone these days who isn't giving a cleaner lifestyle a chance.

But where do you start? I mean it's hard to go from steak and potatoes to lentil loaf over night, right? To help I've created an online support group via facebook called Easy Clean Eating that focuses on sharing recipes, tips and meal planners aimed at gluten free eating that is also kid (or picky-husband) friendly. It has been great sharing with friends and family the tips and tricks that help me save time in the kitchen as well as making short videos and checking in with everyone's progress. 

For those that are looking for a little more guidance and support, Arbonne has created a 30 Day's to Healthy Living plan that combines a meal replacement protein powder along with many other top nutritional products to keep you motivated and in the zone with your health and wellness goals. Along with products, a complete meal planner is included and I run the event through my Easy Clean Eating group so you are getting all those resources as well. Our first group of 2016 starts on January 4th, to sign up click here or contact me to order the kit you need to go along with the program and I look forward to watching your success in this program!