July Reading List

Ok so last month I decided to give you a sneak peak into the Karina Lanting syllabus. Titles ranging from autobiographical bombs (sorry, Kendrick), adventurous novels and non-fiction daydreams you want to become you're own reality. This month was a bit faster paced and therefore I didn't read the # of books (or pages, however you want to slice it) to keep me on track with the 52 books a year. 

To be honest I'm actually trying to make up for some lost time from back in the Spring months when business was crazy booming and I didn't get to have as much downtime as I had planned. While this post may start sounding like a Love Letter for my slow cooker, consistently making time for reading has been easier said than done. Taking on this challenge has taught me lots about my process with goal setting and that I tend to need deadlines to get my butt in gear. One of the books I read this month really helped me take a good long hard look at the habits I've consciously and sub-consciously formed over my adult years. Better Than Before is like the handbook we all need to help improve ourselves through new habits, Gretchen shares basically a step-by-step guide to achieving anything you're after in life, but first you need to do the hard part. And just START.

Starting seems to be the biggest challenge for many and I see that in my Health and Wellness business all the time. People will say to me they want to get healthier, or eat cleaner (gluten free) or become better and managing meal times and very few actually follow through with any form of plan, not just the ones I suggest. Everyone has different motivations and systems that work for them, and what works for me, might not be the answer for you. And that's totally cool. I get that. I respect the shit outta that. And while I've been talking about Rubin's book for a few now, I'd like to calmly assert that it was not my favourite book this month. 

Hey, Nostradamus! | Douglas Coupland

The Poisonwood Bible | Barbara Kingsolver

Better Than Before | Gretchen Rubin


Belgian Congo in 1959

This story is told by the wife of a missionary and her four children as they try to embark on a new life in Africa. I have wanted to read this book for years but never got around to it for one reason or another. I am so happy this was one of my #52booksayear! An incredible story that leaves the reader so engrossed in the outcome of the Price Women, the political strife of the Congolese people and how it all ends up. Wow. This book was savoured this month and went right back out the door to share with one of my mommy friends! Find it and give it a go, Barbara Kingsolver has a brilliant mind and, after reading this and The Bean Trees way way back in 1998, I am sure to add more Kingsolver to my collections. 

I really am enjoying this New Year's Challenge, albeit the Type A in me is stressed that I'm not quite on target for 52 books this year. I know whether I complete it or not I'll still be ahead of the game so worry-not! Plus: I know I have a handful of long travel days ahead that I plan on pumping out a few books on, so he's to it! Join the convo below or on Twitter and share with me what you're reading! I'm always looking for new titles. Are you doing the #52booksayear challenge too?