June Reading List

If you have found my sub-secret side reel I like to call my love letters on here, you'll already know about my love of reading. I simply can't consume enough fiction, non-fiction, autobiography or self-improvement books. I simply can not. And so I was asked the other day why I don't start a book club, and while I seriously considered it for a moment, my escape to books this summer was supposed to be just that, an escape and not another make-work project.

sidebar:after blogging for seven years here, I can no longer write the word 'project' without automatically adding a 'k' at the end of it. I assume this means I'll have my own language by the year 2062.

Anyways, I did like the idea of sharing some of my favs, and how I'm coming on my new year's resolution of 52 books a year, here on the ol' bloggity boo. So I rationed with myself that one blog post a month can be devoted to my progress and showcasing any headliners (if any, sometimes it starts great and is just s stinker in disguise) that I think you may love too. And clearly, I'm too type A to just 'wing-it'.

So here it is, what I read this June with a highlight on my favourite book. Hope this really nerds you guys up, you need it to stick around here.

Scrappy Little Nobody -Anna Kendrick

The Girls in the Garden -LIsa Jewell

The Happiness of Pursuit -Chris Guillbeau

Today I learned it was You -Edward Riche

U Girl -Merideth Quartermain

The Sellout -Paul Beatty

Go Now.

Buy a few copies.


An inspiring read that will speak to anyone. Featuring snippets various quest-seekers, this semi-autobiographical/non-fiction piece shares stories from people all over the world who went in pursuit of their dreams, no matter how ridiculous they seemed. This is the handbook to life right here and since reading it, I've added it to my gift list to all my awesome business partners when they reach their goals. An easy read for any reading level.

If you read it, leave me a comment below on what your inspired to take on! I'd love to hear all about it!

Honourable mentions for sure are The Sellout for teaching me more about the struggles of slave-ownership in present day LA & The Girls in the Garden for making me long to go back to the world Lisa created way after the story had ended. Sorry Anna Kendrick, you are my Rotten Tomato this month, maybe it was because I read your book in one whole day, but whatever the case, you got voted off the bookshelf island...and are currently somewhere in Switzerland in my sisters pack while traveling this summer. Bon Voyage.

What are you reading this summer? Do you have certain titles you re-read? I have a thing about reading The Great Gatsby every summer since I was 19. One year I read only the classics like Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, or anything Jack Kerouac. Thank goodness I hadn't purchased Anna Karenina or Gone With the Wind back then, as those are two that still sit un-cracked on aforementioned bookcase. Leave me a title to check out, I'm all eyes :)