May Reading List

Well April somehow came and went without much reading. As much as I'm trying to fit it in, it's not working for me, so I've installed an app on my phone to monitor and block social media accounts after a certain time period everyday, to prevent me from wasting more time there. I think it'll really help, but in the meantime, here is what I did manage to accomplish this May!

So, here we go, a super short list of the book I crushed this month as I work towards my #52booksayear goal.

Generation A - Douglas Coupland


Living in a post-bee colonization collapse, we find 5 random strangers all get stung from around the world. After each being held in quarantine, they choose to seek each other out to see what they all have in common. I LOVE Coupland. This book made me want to live in its pages everyday, and the finale in Haida Gwaii is one for the ages.

Even though I only read the one title this month, it is still a HUGE recommendation from me. While Douglas Coupland will always be one of my favourite authors, this novel left me talking about it for days after I finished. It only took me three days to read (why is May's list so short then Karina, WHY?!) and had me scouring local bookshops to find whatever else I could by the author. 

Who is your favourite author? Do you have certain books you re-read? Join the convo below or on Twitter and share with me what you're reading! I'm always looking for new titles. Are you doing the #52booksayear challenge too? Check out all the titles I've read so far here.