March Reading List

Welcome to 2017! I always love the fresh start of a new year and this year I decided to challenge myself to read more. While I was researching new book lists and exploring new titles, I came across the 52 books a year Challenge and was super excited by the idea. I am setting out to make 2017 a year focused on Personal Growth and what better way to embark on this goal, than committing to reading a book a week over a year?

I haven't thought too hard and long about the titles I'll read this year, but I know I'll be including many self-help, fiction and autobiographies as those are usually what I gravitate to the most. I'm also not imposing any strict rules on how I'm going to accomplish this, as this might be a downfall right out of the gate, I'm determined to enjoy the process and simply see where I end up.

Considering I'm a few months into the year, my odds of completing this task are not as great as I planned, but hey, I'm not quitting before I even start!

So, here we go, a list of the books I crushed this month, coming closer to my #52booksayear goal!

In a Dark, Dark Wood - Ruth Ware

The Gum Thief - Douglas Coupland

The Girl On the Train - Paula Hawkins



I have the hugest literary crush on Douglas Coupland. I've been working on a Love Letter about it, but as you can imagine it just reads as creepy. This is another smart, witty and hilarious book by Vancouverite Coupland. Set in and around a Staples in Burnaby, BC, the coming-of-age story of a young Staples employee, her alcoholic work friend and their love of fiction (Glove Pond is genius!) leaves you awake and alive in the world Coupland creates. I cannot fangirl out any harder here. This guy is a genius.

Three down, 49 to go. Shit this is the real deal. Lol. I really enjoyed the other two novels I read this month and would recommend all three to anyone!

Join the convo below or on Twitter and share with me what you're reading! I'm always looking for new titles. Are you doing the #52booksayear challenge too? Check out all the titles I've read so far here.