In Brief...with Moi

My Happy Place

The water is always my happy place, I'm lucky to live so close to such a beautiful, peaceful place!

Before Leaving the House I have to

Pack a snack/lunch for the little guy and me! Not very many healthy options to grab food on the go out there

My Most Used Emoji


My Favourite Subject in School

In high school it was History, Uni prob First Nation's Studies

If I could keep only three beauty products

Oh snap. This is hard. Only three...Facial OilBrow Cream, and a hot pink lipstick

My favourite dirty word

I do like "asshat" but probably use the F-Bomb the most.

What I do when I need a confidence boost

hmmm...workout or eat. Lol. 

My favourite ice cream flavour

Luna & Larry's Organic Salted Caramel & Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream

Plane ticket to anywhere

I've been itching to get down to South America!

Three wishes

Personal Chef, Maid & Driver ;)


Working in network marketing can somedays be one of those "it's the best of times, and the worst of times" situations and it's super important to invest in yourself. I love the teachings from Deepak Chopra for so many reasons, but mostly because what he says just makes sense to me. Check out this Youtube playlist that has a bunch of healing meditations to take you to a higher level of enlightenment.  

To never have flakey lips ever again, invest in some quality skincare and cosmetics. I love the products Arbonne carries, and their colours are soo en point with my style. Check out the vegan and gluten free lipsticks, pencils and gloss for a cruelty-free  makeup look that will leave you feeling fresh and vibrant 12 months of the year!