Happy International Women's Day

Most of my readers know me in one way or another, usually in real life and keep up with me via social media, and many are virtual friends I have never met in real life. No matter which you fit into, I'm sure you are not surprised that celebrating International Womens Day is kind of a big deal around here at Project K. The main focus of my work has always been on female empowerment, be it through a Rock your Frock shoot, Personal Shopping to get your wardrobe to reflect your true personality or guiding you to a cleaner lifestyle through my Easy Clean Eating group & endless vegan and gluten free product recommendations in my Prestige Clients group. I'm all about educating others on the options they have to empower them in their decisions. 

This is one of my favourite parts about what I do now with Project K and my Arbonne business. I get to empower others to take control of their life, by either providing safer products for you to share with your family or coaching you to create a life by design by starting your own Health and Wellness Company. I am amazed at the team I have created in just 11 short months. I have amazing leaders and clients and want to thank all of you, MALE & FEMALE today for helping me become the person I strive to everyday. 

But this isn't just a shout out to my peers who are crushing it #bossbabe style, you know who you are. This is a real, genuine THANK YOU to my amazing husband, for empowering me to lead with my heart and take on what seems impossible sometimes. Without him, yes I could do life, but I sure wouldn't want to.

What I'm most thankful for is that Jeff is teaching our three boys how to treat a woman and this is the most precious gift I could ask for. At 6,5,& 2 they are already well versed on the basics like giving me flowers and opening any door in my way, but they also see a husband who helps with laundry, dinner and clean up. A man who works all day and still has energy to give his kids a round of basketball before dinner. A man who never questions his wife's current state of hair affairs and rather just smiles and say 'you're beautiful'. I LOVE YOU JEFF!

Go women and hear us roar, but don't forget to acknowledge those who help get us there, as we're all in it together, right #bossbabes?