Vegan Makeup Classes

Hello beautiful!

I do so many fun things under the Project K brand and makeup classes are quickly becoming one of my favourites! I love sharing safe products with all ages and educating others how to avoid harmful low level toxins in all personal care products, not just the ones that sit on your face for 8-10 hours everyday. It's so hard to ignore the evidence these days and as we really have never been more informed as a consumer as we are today, its important to stay educated and find brands you can trust.

Mother/Daughter Mini Facials and Makeup Classes have been super popular right now and I think it's in part all the excitement that comes along with prom. These young girls are super savvy and know their stuff, and are already conditioned to question big brands. They already know how harmful GMO's and toxic chemicals are, so we get to focus on playing with the products, teaching each other new tricks and having a great time. They get so excited to learn about Arbonne's gluten-free and vegan products on the cutting edge of trends in not only the Health & Wellness spectrum but also the general marketplace, as we have what everyone seems to be searching for these days. 

No two makeup classes are the same I'll tell you it has been super gratifying watching die hard makeup junkies ditch their toxic brands for cleaner, safe products that work (or OUTwork) the competition! Makeup Artists really have the best gig in town as they get to make everyone a starlet for a day, and see that transformation within their clients. It is such a powerful gift to give that feeling, and I try to achieve that experience in my classes.

When you suck at eyeliner

Everything that goes through your head when you're trying to perfect that cat eye. Because the EYELINER STRUGGLE IS REAL.

Posted by HelloGiggles on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I don't have a fancy makeup artist certificate, nor  do I even pretend to know how to get an even cateye (see left, thats me, every.damn.time) but I do teach generations of women that YOU CAN DO THIS. You don't need a makeup artist to feel like a million bucks and you do not need a bazillion products, rather the right ones that do what they promise.

I make sure to provide you and your guests with products they are most curious about and can be there in person on on a computer screen. It's a great excuse to have a girls night and shop in your own home. I mean, what is better than testing out the perfect lip colour to match your favourite red dress hanging nearby? It is like every fashionista's dream, right? I keep it easy, informative and fun and you totally get I look forward to receiving the message your crafting in your head right now! Ready...and...go! See you soon :)

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