BEST Gluten-Free Christmas Sugar Cookies

For YEARS I attempted sugar cookies always to end up frustrated and with a big ball of doughy mess that NEVER came out in the cute shapes I envisioned. Then one day I realized a. my recipes stunk and wooden countertops were a HUGE cookie buster. My seven year old suggested we try rolling out the dough on our cool, slick marble bar because he could see Mummy was about to snap. Well call me snap happy, I went on  to bake up a sugar cookie storm for about a week thereafter. 

I don't know what it is about the wood (meaning I was just too lazy to google, maybe you know?) but I've had really successful sugar cookies since changing up my recipe and using the marble counter. But also, its totally about the potato starch for roll out. Don't try and get away with cornstarch, it'll just get weird on you. Check out the recipe and let me know what you think! What's your favourite shape cutout? I loved how these little reindeer turned out. I had a few that flopped on me and were facing away from the other reindeer. I like to think I'm that rouge little reindeer, beating my own path ;)

Enjoy and be sure to check out my FREE local event this weekend if you are from the Lower Mainland. I'm hosting an Allergen Aware Workshop to help teach others facing food allergies or those expecting guests with food sensitivities how to have a holiday feast without leaving anyone out. To learn more, click here. All proceeds go to the Agassiz Harrison Community Services and you get awesome tips on how to host a super yummy and healthy holiday celebration!  It's all easy suggestions and recipes that make your guests with food sensitivities feel acknowledged and cared for. Check it out below.