Year in Review 2015

Hello hello!
2015 brought many changes to my personal and professional life and I'm sure it has left some of you wondering, what the heck? What is Project K and does she still do those head things? I know I owe you all a bevy of answers and I'm going to do my best to share with you all where my brand is heading and how it's evolved in the last six years since it started.

At the end of 2014 I had elective eye surgery and unfortunately lost the ability to see objects up close. This was not an expected outcome and my surgeon assured me with time it would come back. While I waited patiently, I tried to get back to work and launch a Spring 2015 collection of garters, as I had some customers waiting patiently for new designs. I could NOT see anything to do the fine detail work needed on my pieces and my frustration was mounted with straining headaches that would last for days. Not long after surgery I knew I was going to have to re-brand and find another way to contribute to my family's income. 

By the end of January 2015, I had decided to re-launch my business as a complete lifestyle brand and offer consulting services with a focus on image, health and wellness . My styling services grew very quickly as I have always been able to look at someone and just know what size they are (for the most part) and suggest outfit ideas or new places they should check out. I quickly started booking up closet overhauls and turning out personal shopping clients so I decided to offer my services throughout Canada as an online stylist. There have been many learning curves along the way, and of course a few returned items, but the service has been a great addition to my brand and people really seem to love it. 

In my personal life, however, things were turned upside down when our third son was diagnosed with a severe wheat allergy in the spring. My husband has a very serious allergy to wheat and Dr.'s told us our children would most likely be affected as well. My whole world just kind of stopped. I thought of birthday parties, pre-school and him not being able to simply enjoy food, it's such an integral part of social events. Pretty soon, conversations at mommy groups or out and about constantly revolved around our limitations with food and how even our products had to be gluten free. I didn't realize how it made no difference if the gluten was sitting on the skin, or consumed, it would effect their immune system either way. Other people were kind of shocked to hear about how we lived too, but they would always lead me to a friend or someone they knew that was strugglin with the same thing.

It became very clear that I could share what i've learned with others and hopefully help educate others along the way about health and wellness. I honestly didn't give it much thought when I jumped into a really great affiliate company with products that we had relied on for years because they were  gluten free. I began recommending prestige Swiss-formulated products that are free from all glutens, gmo's, toxins and preservatives as well as being completely vegan and never tested on animals. This brand aligned with my lifestyle and brand and soon my shopping clients all fell in love with our flagship anti-wrinkle line and nutritional products too. I focused on developing my dietary consulting services further to share what I had learned over the years about food and products but also gluten sensitivities and the broad range symptoms and severities. To ensure my clients get the best of me and my services, I invest hours into researching medical journals and books and further contacts to provide clients with sufficient data or redirect them to where they can find more. 

I'd love to share with you more about the incredible products Arbonne has. With over 450 items, we will be sure to find some favourites for you as well as gifts for all ages, from baby to 100. Contact me to set up personalized health and wellness consultation specific to your individual lifestyle needs and goals.

I'd love to share with you more about the incredible products Arbonne has. With over 450 items, we will be sure to find some favourites for you as well as gifts for all ages, from baby to 100. Contact me to set up personalized health and wellness consultation specific to your individual lifestyle needs and goals.

I went to my new company's Canadian training conference in September and meet some of our industry leaders and yes, fan-girled out a little. Along with in-depth product knowledge training on our new nutritional supplements (including a performance line of hydration that has me killing my yoga classes lately) and some new skincare treatments that are super luxe, I had a great time meeting sidelines in the industry. Lital's video she made a couple years back is a tool I use to share with new online friends to teach them more about what I do. This video was instrumental in signing up my first international team mate at the time we were at the Calgary Conference. It was cool sharing with her how in that moment something she had done indirectly helped me grow my business. 

I returned home and had so much growth in my new business, it has really been tremendous. Then I discovered I needed eye surgery again, and started all over again. I am laughing about this, though so don't you worry. This time I'm happy to say the results are much better and I can clearly see. And now I want to apologize for my atrocious spelling and grammatical errors all over my blog and social media! Bahahahaha. Or maybe who cares, right?

2016 is going to bring big things, I know it. I think you guys are all so rad for being here reading about my weird little online life I share with you all. I thank you for being so kind and watching my brand evolve and grow and hope you stick around to see where I end up.  I encourage you all to leave me a comment below or send me an email about what you love or don't on here. I'm here to share my journey with you all be it through an Easy Clean Eating group or getting you the best rates on pure, safe and beneficial skin care and nutrition products in my VIP FB group, I have various personalized ways to stay connected and help in any way I can and I hope to see you in some of them really soon!

Be sure to check out what is in store for Project K's future in my next post over here...