white hair don't care?

I have been wanting to do the platinum white thing for years but I know its just unreasonable. I mean, the upkeep alone has you in the chair every 4-6 weeks, and not to mention I'm fair skinned with too many wrinkles, I know I would instantly look 85. But damn is it cool. Should I or shouldn't I? 

My poor stylist (who's also a total babe, check her out here & here!) talks me out of the most audacious hair requests almost every visit. What was it, pink last time Mich? Anyway, the latest ELLE UK bit on Michelle Williams had me in a serious hair envy state. You know, where the first stage is denial and forgetting all reason?! Yah, I went there, as faaaassst as Pinterest could take me anyway. I just love the pastel hue of these locks. Its so lust-worthy and on-trend for Spring, would you take the plunge? I wanna know! I'm hoping to get my sanity back after this blog post, but am seriously considering the pink in the last look. Cute, right?

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