How to initiate your own Closet Gut

Spring is already peaking its head out early in my neck of the woods, and before you know it, it'll be summer. Now is an opportune time to clean out your wardrobe and asses what you may need to add. Building a wardrobe filled with pieces you absolutely love is something everyone dreams of so here are a few of my favourite tricks to leave you with the cream of the crop in your wardrobe.

1. Set aside time to do it all at once

Anything worth something, takes time, and this is true about gutting your closet as well. Its the worst to start a project and have to bail halfway through, so make sure you have about two to three hours set aside for this.


2. Take out everything

Be sure to remove every last piece of clothing from your closet and drawers. This way when you have sorted through what you are going to keep and toss, you'll see where to put away each item and be more inclined to only keep the pieces you really love.

3. Sort items into sub categories

By collecting items together that are similar, its easier to see duplicates or compare alike designs to help you decide which items to keep/toss.

4. Start with out of season items first

By starting with last-seasons clothes, it may be easier to cast off things you don't necessary love.

5. Be honest

Be honest with yourself about the items you really wear and intend to keep, the size you are (and not want to be) and if each item truly brings you joy. I know that may sound cheesy, but it is true. By keeping only items that you really love, you'll be more inclined to wear them and in turn will feel better about yourself in them. Don't keep anything you haven't worn in the last year, and if you do want to keep items for sentimental reason, put them away in storage and not back in your closet where they can just pushed about and never worn.


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