criteria for purchasing anything new

As part of building a conscious closet it is super important to pay attention to not only what you are buying, but why you are buying it. You may be surprised at how tiny my closet is, but I find the less I have, the more I have, weirdly enough. I think it's because I know what I have because I can clearly see it. I don't have to rummage past items I rarely wear to find something I'm looking for. So whenever I'm in the market for some new clothes, I usually first take inventory of my closet, jot down a quick list and then while shopping, keep in mind these 3 following things...



1. Never pay retail, ever.

That's right folks, I haven't bought anything retail price in years. With coupon codes, member benefits and cashback options at some retailers, they're  making it really easy to be a sensible consumer. Sign up for mailing lists of your favourite brands, Shop discount sites like 6pm, The Outlet and J Crew Factory.


2. Quality before Quantity, ALWAYS

Its always better to get an item of higher quality then three pieces that are going to wear out in a month. Buying quality clothes involves reading labels, selecting classic silhouettes versus trendy, and above all feeling good about your self. No one feels like a million bucks in scratchy acrylic blend sweaters, NO ONE. 


3. Make 3 looks with it from items you already have

This is the one that I think is most important to follow. If you don't have anything in your wardrobe your new purchase will currently go with, then why are you buying it? If you really love it, or are smack dab in the middle of a complete style rut, you may try and justify the purchase. Don't give in! However, if you must, make sure you've slept on it for atlas 48 hours. If you really really want something and are still thinking about it days later, then perhaps make an exception and bring it home, but not without...


& if it passes all of the above... 

When you return home with your new purchase, you remove an item from your closet to donate, sell or trash before bringing in the new item. Something comes in, something must go out. This is a rule that is a MUST for all ladies with limited closet space. If you buy something new, you must get rid of something old. Ideally in the same clothing family (i.e. top for top, pant for pant) but just sticking to this rule at first can be tough so as long as you remove an item, your golden. And be honest in your judgment of closet space, don't cram more into a tiny space than need be. Clothing needs space to hang freely.


Read more about creating a conscious closet here and let me know your favourite tips to curating a fabulous wardrobe in the comments below, or send me a little chirp on twitter!