Life & her lemons...

Oh man. the day started so good too.

9am  Over a quick cuppa before running out the door I discover the company I work for had just announced the incentive trip for next year and its the exact resort Pops and I have been dreaming of taking the kids too for years! The trip is totally doable. It's within reach and I'm PUMPED. Run out the door with Mum for my one year post-op check for eye surgery.

10am take a bajillion tests for over an hour that now I'm pretty sure I no longer can blink on demand. blink blink blink hold still; look up; to the left; BLINK BLINK BLINK; down; now at the bird in the room. Like. EFFF man. I get it. Chill. 

11am Chat with Surgeon for a while about life and kids. Such a great guy, (TOTALLY RECOMMEND) and he starts reading over the test. Then he made that noise. You know, the one you make when you see the gash on your kids head but shouldn't have because now they are worried its a way bigger deal than imagined?! yah. he kind of pulled one of those. 

11:15am Well shit. Eye surgery in one week. Obviously unplanned but completely necessary. Wait WHA?! Blind at Christmas AGAIN!? Last time I couldn't drive for six weeks! I missed my last baby's first steps!! I'm totally unprepared for this. And with this amazing trip with work too, which obviously I MUST GO. Of. Flipping. Course. Right? Isn't that what we all would say?! Well, imma stop myself right meow. 

I have come up with so many bonuses to try and not freak myself out about this. Figured you too may get a kick out of it. Drop me a line and have happy thoughts for me next thursday morning! I mean, I know I'll be ok because they ole out ativan...but still... ;)




Top 5 reasons to embrace being blind


1. I get to be driven around, which I love. I have always wanted a driver :) That is the BEST thing about this! I absolutely hate driving and much rather to be the passenger.

2. Getting away without wearing make-up because I'd look like a drunk hooker if i even tried to put any on. #harshtruth

3. Still being able to go to work everyday, but just using my phone for what it's purpose is really for-calling people (PS call me! I'm going to be really bored)

4. ZERO screen time = ZERO social media availability. REALLY looking forward to this one! Do you think I can do it?!

5. I get to see that really cool light show again! If you have had laser eye surgery you know what I'm talking about. If not, it's kind of insane. You kind of see like every colour of the rainbow and like fireworks and black and white and then BOOM! all of a sudden its over. It's kind of like time travel. Yep. just like it ;)