Get over yourself, hire a tailor!

"I'm frustrated, nothing fits"

does this sound familiar?

If this is your number one complaint whilst shopping, lets get one thing straight, rarely is an item going to fit perfect off the rack. The harsh truth of sizing is that it is based on a perfectly proportioned specimen. Have you ever seen such a thing? I mean, they're out there, but a perfect figure is so not the norm and you can't expect to fit like one. Getting down on yourself because you think you should fit everything like a glove, is only doing you more harm than good. 

'Seamstress Of Her own Destiny' -John Flury

'Seamstress Of Her own Destiny' -John Flury

Benefits of alterations

Nothing can compare to a piece that is made to fit only you, your clothes will hang better and in turn you'll look better in them. When your clothes actually fit, you literally look like a million bucks. I also find personally, when something has an insane fit, I take really good care of it, hoping to preserve it for as long as I can. 

Common Alterations 

In addition to giving you the perfect hemline, your tailor can adjust the fit of most garments with their crafty magic. Straps that are too long or a sleeve that needs to come up an inch are simple fixes that can add a huge overall impact on your look. More detailed work like inseams and darts (to adjust torso fit issues) should be left to skilled tailors so be sure you know who you are handing your garments over to. 

Find a tailor or seamstress

Ask friends or family if they have any recommendations and always ask about the quality of work. I've got a list of local resources here but please note I can't attest to new employees etc! I once referred a friend to a tailor I had used for years for minor alterations (pant/skirt hemline,etc) without issue personally and afterwards found out they murdered her borrowed dress when trying to take the hem up. Oh man. 


Alteration Trickery

If I haven't convinced you already to start a pile of clothes to take to your tailor tomorrow, what if I told you I could help you petites look longer and leaner too? A good tailor knows all the tricks to help accentuate your best features, such as taking the cuff of long sleeve tops up a little too high, so the wrist bone is exposed. Celebrity Kristen Bell employs this trick and claims it makes her look lankier and too tall to wear. This gives the appearance of elongated limbs and supermodel proportions. Ok, sold.


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