5 tips to get the most of closeout sales

Create a fresh new wardrobe around sale items

You've probably already heard Target is on the downswing, but did you know all these other retailers were closing its doors in Canada this year? According to huffingtonpost, Mexx, Jacob, and even some Holt Renfrew locations are closing, leaving a lot of merchandise up for grabs at a sweet price point. Here's some tips on how to capitalize on closing sales and build a conscious, not overstocked, closet. To read about my effort to create a more conscious closet, please click here.

1. Evaluate your closet

Or hire a professional to help you see what you need and what you don't. Many of us don't even know what's hanging in our closet or the creative ways to style it. Be honest with what you have and what your lifestyle requires. For example, don't buy all office wear if you only wear it once a month or don't spend lots on summer items if you only wear them for three months of the year. Make a plan of what you need, get an idea of a colour pallet and shop with a friend to help you stay on track.

2. Only buy discounted items

Never buy anything that isn't less than 50% off original ticketed price. I usually try and employ this rule all the time, rarely do I buy anything full price. However, when stores close out they are desperate to clear their shelves of inventory for many reasons, but mostly so they aren't stuck with stock to liquidate. Closing out sales should offer savings hirer than 50% and usually are at their highest one week before the doors close. Go in as soon you can to see what savings they re offering and how much stock is out. 

3. Stock up

Now is the time to stock up on staple items in your wardrobe. I talk about buy multiples here in depth, but basically there are some items that you need all the time. White shirts, jeans and good camisoles are some staples you'll always need and sales are a great time to capitalize on this. 

4. Try everything on

Take advantage of the good ol' fashioned change room while you still can. You know when large companies like Holt Renfrew and Sears are closing up shop, the trend of online shopping has gone from the exception to the rule. Make sure what you are considering fits (relatively) well and is the quality you are after. If you are wanting an item like a blazer or pants to take you far it has to be quality, so be sure not to waste your money on garbage clothing you can see and touch.

Be prepared: the future holds no change rooms only (sometimes) shipping fees!

5. Before you checkout, reevaluate

This is probably the most important and critical pieces\ of advice when trying to build a conscious closet. I mentioned above being honest with yourself about what you need, but also be honest with what your spaces allows. Essentially, when you bring something new into your wardrobe, you should discard something old. To be sure buying this new item is a good idea, think of three looks you could create with it. If you fail to then maybe you don't really need it, no matter how good of a deal it is.