Principals of buying multiples

I'll be the first one to tell you I'm kind of a shopaholic. I mean I'm not racking up the credit cards and filling every available closet space I have or anything but I would call myself a shopping opportunist. When I see a good deal on an item I already love or know I will wear often, I buy more than one. Here are my tips for everything you need to know about buying multiples.

Be familiar with the brand

When choosing to spend a chunk of money on essentially one item to last you in your wardrobe (hopefully) a very long time, its best to be familiar with the brand. Know how the clothing wears and washes and be familiar with the sizing and cuts. There is nothing more disappointing then buying four white t-shirts that you think are fantastic only to wear a handful of times and notice the shrinking, pilling or wear. Also make sure you know their returns and exchange policies in case you run into any problems with their products. 

Try before you buy

If you're not shopping in a brick and mortar store this one can be difficult, especially when you see something on sale you want to try out. Know your size, know the brand and consult any current clothing from that particular brand that you already have to remember how they clothes fit. If you are in a store, make sure you try everything on you wish to purchase, bringing back multiples of the same thing kind of looks fishy.

Buy discount/sale items

This is a biggie for me, as I usually only buy items when they are marked down, but when you are stocking up, your bill adds up quickly and it's nice to know you are getting the best bang for your buck. Sizing and quantities may be limited during sale times so pay close attention to tags on the garment, not necessarily the hanger or price tag as sometimes these can get confused and most sale items are final.

Just because it comes in six colours, doesn't mean choose one of each.

Although you may like a variety of colours and textures in your wardrobe, this isn't the item to exercise that desire with. For anyone you see on a regular basis will figure it out really quick and pretty soon you'll get stuck in a style rut because it's easy to create the same look over and over with a different feature colour. Instead, buy two or three of your most favourite colours, make a bunch of outfits with them and rock them when  you do wear them.

Know when to buy 1 vs. 4

Don't get crazy, I'm not telling you to buy one in every colour of the leather jacket you love, but a well cut blazer that you can utilize often in your wardrobe, well yes, maybe then.