Trudge through winter like a fashion queen

It's Friday. In the middle of winter. Yipee? I don't know about you but I'm not as jazzed about boots and scarves as I was at Thanksgiving. Nonetheless we must trudge on through to get to the sweet, sweet reward of Spring, where ankles and shoulders start poking out to see the sunshine again. 

To get me through a winter fashion funk, I like to switch things up a bit. Pull out some really thin tops and layer with a heavy weight pant on the bottom like cords or raw denim. But one of my favourite style switch-ups is to stock up on fleece-lined tights and pair them with anything dress/tunic length. Standard stockings are too thin to be wearing in the middle of January out here (where it's not even that really stereotypical Canadian cold, I'm just a baby) and the thick fleecy ones are perfect to keep you warm.

If you're feeling adventurous, try a cute knee sock and let a bit of leg show. Wool socks are a must and I love wearing both fleece tights and wool socks with cute booties when it's really cold. 

Where do you find these glorious items? It may be hard to track down in stores in the middle of winter as they usually sell out by Novemeber, but if you're lucky to find some stock up on a couple pairs, you're going to want to have a few to rotate in and out. My advice would be find some online as sizing can be tricky, especially tall, and order a few in a variety of colours. 

To help you on your way, I've rounded up a few knee socks, fleece and sweater lined tights. Fashion onwards, friends! Have a great weekend :)

Accessorize Thick Knitted Plain Tights Grey One Size
Soft, knitted, plain tights: perfect for everyday wear when the weather turns colder

Berkshire Cozy Hose Tights
Stay on trend and comfortably adorable during the colder months with these opaque fleece tights by Berkshire.

Hue Flat Knit Sweater Tights Warm and cozy but without the bulk, these flat knit sweater tights are a stylish solution to cooler temperatures.

Hot Sox Tribal Twist Knee High Socks
Bright and colorful, the Tribal Twist knee socks add a pop of personality to your look. By Hot Sox.

ASOS Wool Cable Over The Knee Sock - Black