My closet is ridiculously tiny, come see

I live in what we like to call a 'BC Box' where the main living area is upstairs and everything is square and boxy. Not a lot of storage but large living spaces. But lets get back to the part about not a lot of storage. This ladies (and gents?) is the closet in my master bedroom. And get this, we SHARE it. AND the majority of our stuff is in there. Crazy right?


I gutted our old closet structure a couple months ago and bought shelves and poles. It's all organized in a way where I can see everything categorized by item. I took this yesterday when gathering a few new items showcased here and I guess it's neither as messy as it can get, nor as tidy.

Top right is where I like to keep my tanks, shells and short sleeve tops and directly below is long sleeves and jackets/blazers. The left is where I hang dresses and skirts and sweaters for my husband. Both our pants and sweaters belong in the middle shelving unit, which I also have another half sized one to the left. I usually try to keep the cubbies dedicated to one item only, but I always seem to be putting chunky sweaters on skinny jeans and cramming stuff in wherever. That's where I'm hoping the conscious closet principles will help me out. It true what they say, if you buy something new, get rid of something old (read; stop overstuffing your closets!). 

How do you keep your clothes organized? If you are going into your closet and its leaving you uninspired, maybe you need to re-organize or gut it, or be really honest about what you want out of your clothes. If you need any help, I'd love to hear about it and work together to get you out of your current style rut. Check out some of the serves I offer below or contact me at here