Less is more.

It may only be January but I'm dreaming about my spring wardrobe already.

I am all about creating a 'conscious closet' this season and I plan to blog my latest purchases here. The term I ha've seen floating around lately in fashion blog circle and if you are unfamiliar with it, it simply means buying only what you need and cutting out the excess. Choosing pieces that are good quality (bonus points for ethically-sourced!), interchangeable and timeless over fast-fashion and trendy or fussy items. I have taken stock of my closet and see where I need to stock up and what I can do without. This is the first step in building a conscious closet.

a bright accessory like this Stella McCartney tote
Emerson Fry Thin Strap Heel

While you may think I am materialistic due to the nature of my work but that couldn't be farther from the truth. I long for minimalism and simplicity. I do not like clutter and nothing is better than an empty space to me. Less is more. I like to be organized (not saying I AM organized) and value structure and stability. Just like in my life, I have the same expectations in my wardrobe and I suspect I've been unknowingly attempting to build a conscious closet for the last five years.

Emerson Fry Mick2 White Denim
Clover Canyon Floral Collage Jumpsuit in Floral

As one of resolutions was to consume less material goods, I plan on going about this a couple ways in relation to my wardrobe. First, as mentioned above I plan to purchase only good quality, classic pieces I know will last me for a long time. Second, I plan to make whatever I can't find. Yes, you read that right. MAKE it. And now that its' on the blog, I'm committed!

Here are some of the items I have already purchased or are in my sights for spring. Let me know in the comments below how you plan to curate your clothing this year. Are you big on spending a little and getting many not-so-durable items, or do you seek value in investing in pieces that will last you a long time? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Asos silk watercolour skirt.