ma familia

The island you see in the background holds a very special place in my heart. My grandfather, Fred Hardy, was a pioneer in the village I call my home, and when he and my Nanny we first married, the lived on the island for many years. Papa would work on the lake as a tug operator, logger and eventually build the communities first sawmill. They eventually moved back onto the mainland, but only a couple km's down the road. Growing up, we visited this Provincial Park (Sasquatch Park) throughout the spring and summer months and my mother would tell us stories she had heard from her mother about the times spent over on the little island. It always was such an enchanting story, and I of course continue sharing them with my children when we visit the park today. Family photo shoots usually either begin or end here for us, to see others, click here

While I don't typically blog my personal life, this photoshoot had so many good shots that I simply had to share a few. Initially intended for personal use, Breanna of Velvet Moon Photography and I had a general idea of the shots we wanted to get but I never dreamed the shot of us at the island (directly above) would turn out so sublime. 

I had found the Hudson's Bay Company classic stripe wool blanket one day on Craiglist and knew I had to make it mine. Instantly once in my home, I imagined all of us cuddled under it together reading stories, watching movies and just spending good quality time together. The blanket has a permanent place on our oversized couches and although I don't always let the greasy popcorn fingers at it, I will tell you its much loved. 

When planning for our family pictures I knew I wanted to include the blanket as a prop, but was also acutely aware that like all memorable props, once used it will likely retire. No one wants to see the same photos recreated over and over, right? So we held off using it for most of the shoot until we had the perfect shot. The kids were tired and it was nearing supper-time and just needed a rest with their parents, so the blanket was the perfect solution. 

The three photos above are some of my favourite from the session and no sooner then I had posted one to my instagram account, had Hudson's Bay Company got wind of it and used it themselves on their Instagram and Twitter feeds to promote their hashtag #stripespotting. Breanna and I were pumped for the exposure and I look forward to working with her again in the future to create more memorable looks.