5 reasons to wear your best items today

What are you keeping it 'safe' from anyways? The dog? Kids? You're own clumsy self?

I will be the first to admit I'm guilty of this one, but not wearing your favourite piece(s) in yor wardrobe is killing your style spirit. I know all the reasons why I should keep my nicer items safely away, like kids or damage from wear,  but keeping my most loved pieces 'safe' feels like I'm doing them, and me, an injustice, and here's why.

1. It makes you happy. 

That should be reason enough to bring out your favourite piece of jewellery or shoes or whatever you are covetting. But i'll bet you look better wearing that piece too and you're not the only one that might notice a perkier bounce in your step, others do too.  Get ready to receive compliments because people are drawn to happy, confident people and are more likely to comment about your overall demeanour. 

2. It may not ever fit you this perfectly again.

Times change, our bodies do too. Most treasured items fit immaculately because they were either expensive brands or tailored to your body specifically. Wear it now while you can get the most out of it. 

3. Current or trendy items should be worn in their peak season

While I usually advise against making a big purchase on a super trendy item, it's important to remember that if you do go trendy, it might not be as cool in a couple years as it is today. Best to bring out and enjoy it while adding to your impeccable fashion sense. 

4. You never know when the next photo opt is

Ok, this one is a little ridiculous I'll admit, but stick with me for a minute. In today's techno-charged world where everything is documented, odds are there have been a time or two when you've been snapped in something unfortunate. And on the flip, how great do you feel when you see a picture of yourself and you look prettier than you thought you would? You get me?

5. Increase your confidence

By keeping your special items rotating in your wardrobe on a regular basis, you be in a more elevated state more often which can lead to new opportunities and friendships. Ditch your drab style choice and reach for your fun fancier piece more often, you'll feel confident about your style choices and reaffirm why you love that piece.